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Security measures at Deauville Normandy Airport

Learn about the new security measures by clicking on the image below:
Securité Mesures Aéroport Saint Gatien Deauville Normandie

Items in cabin

Remember to put all items that you do not require during the flight in the hold! In your carry-on baggage you can keep your cameras and camcorders, camera film, keys, valuables, etc.

Allowed in the cabin

Liquids, gels (perfumes, toiletries, drinks, etc.) with a capacity of less than 100 ml, placed in a transparent and closed plastic bag of 20 × 20 cm.

Prohibited in the cabin

Firearms ; knives and scissors, cutters, razors with blades longer than or equal to 6 cm ; weapons with points or sharp edges, blunt weapons (clubs, weighted sticks or those fitted with spikes); self-defence sprays; liquids, gels or pastes with volume over 100 ml.
Any object that can be used as an offensive weapon: ice axe, mountaineering stick, etc.
Toys or items that imitate any of the above items or are likely to create major fear.
Exceptions: food for babies up to 24 months only (bottle, milk, water, compotes/baby food jars). Drugs with their prescription or certification.
The use of mobile phones and other electronic equipment is strictly prohibited during boarding, take-off and landing. However, passengers may use these during the flight, if allowed by the airline.


Items prohibited in air transport

Here is a non-exhaustive list of items prohibited in the cabin and in the hold:

Explosive, flammable or corrosive items, compressed gases, radioactive and magnetised materials, poison, and any items which are not authorised by airlines.
If in doubt, please consult the airline.



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