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Holiday charter flights

Checked baggage: generally, 15 or 20 kg maximum per passenger per baggage (depending on airline Рsee your travel documents to get further information). Excess baggage is always refused.

Cabin baggage: 5 kg per passenger (in addition to your handbag or bag) without exceeding the following dimensions : 55 x 40 x 20 cm.


Please note that for security reasons these weights are established for each bag ; they are not cumulative among several passengers!

Sports equipment: bicycles, skis, golf clubs, etc. may be allowed under certain conditions. Check with the airline.


Lost or damaged baggage

If your baggage is damaged or lost

Contact the « Information » desk in the terminal building to complete the necessary paperwork with the handling agents and start the investigation.
It is essential to provide:

  • Ticket stub
  • The baggage receipt given at check-in, usually stuck on the ticket

To facilitate the investigation, you should label all your baggage with your contact information (passenger name, phone number, destination address and home address).

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