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Flight schedule Deauville - Rome

  • On monday on 10 june 2019
  • On wednesday on 23 oct 2019
  • On saturday on 26 oct 2019

On monday : 10/06

On wednesday from 23/10 (return 26/10)

On saturday from 26/10 (return 29/10)

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Destination information

Flight Time Deauville-Rome : 01h50


Capital: Rome

Language: Italian

Currency: Euro

Time difference: No time difference

Things to see and do

The 4 must-see places in Rome:

The Coliseum

Past and present come together in the three levels of this 75,000-seat amphitheatre. From gladiator contests to plays of the greatest playwrights of the age, within its walls, the Coliseum holds the memories of the greatest emperors. This emblem of ancient Rome is set in the historic centre of the city, east of the Roman Forum. Impressive in size, this testimony to the glory of the Romans lights up when night falls. The surrounding streets then reveal all the charm of a capital proud of its legacy.

The Pantheon

The coffered dome measures 43 metres in diameter and the walls of the building measure 43 metres in height. Its brilliance lies in its perfect symmetry following the famous theory of the golden ratio. In its interior, the immense size of the dome dwarves the Ionic columns. Most of the light comes from the oculus that pierces the top like a divine eye that spreads its sacred light. In ancient times, statues of gods were placed around the Pantheon, on the inside, while today, statues of kings and other important figures in history have replaced them. It also contains the tombs of the kings Victor Emmanuel II, Umberto I and others. The interior is very quiet despite the large number of visitors. Note that the area outside is very busy and many people dressed as Ancient Roman citizens or Gladiators will invite you to take a picture with them.

The Palatine

This hill was the location of the palace of the emperors. Now in ruins, you can still visit the homes of Tiberius and Augustus. After walking a little way past the entrance, you will see the arches of the terms of Septimius Severus and the ruins of the stadium of Emperor Domitian. You must visit the Domus Augustana which it housed the Roman emperors until the end of the empire. Its construction between 81 and 96 was commissioned by Domitian.

The Roman Forum

Try starting your tour of the Forum with the Arch of Septimius Severus, built by the Senate to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the reign of the Emperor. Its bas-reliefs depict the wars he waged against the Parthians. Do not miss the ruins of the Curia (the Senate) and the Temple of Vesta dedicated to the goddess of the hearth. Vestal virgins, having taken a vow of chastity, were supposed to preserve the sacred fire, symbol of the city. They lived next to the temple. You can see some of the statues of their palace. If you have time left after these four beautiful sites, take a trip to the Trevi Fountain in order to make a wish. Go through the Vatican, the many "Piazze" (squares) of Rome: Navona, di Spagna, Venezia, etc. There is an almost infinite number of places to visit!

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