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Flight schedule Deauville - Rhodes

  • On sunday on 12 april 2020
  • On sunday on 19 april 2020
  • On sunday on 26 april 2020
  • On sunday on 11 oct 2020
  • On sunday on 18 oct 2020
  • On sunday on 25 oct 2020
  • On sunday from 9 may to 3 oct 2021

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Destination information

Flight Time Deauville-Rhodes : 03h30


Capital: Athens

Language: Greek

Currency: Euro

Time difference: +1 hour

Things to see and do


The island of Rhodes gives the impression of not being affected by the passage of time. With a mild climate, Rhodes offers ancient cities, a surprising Turkish area in the heart of the medieval old town and small villages among many other wonders... not to be missed.

  • Go and look at the gorgeous medieval walled city of Rhodes built by the Knights of St. John. You can access the old town through the imposing Door of the sea with its twin towers, Pyli Agias Aikaterinis. Inside you will find the Palace of the Grand Masters, the Street of the Knights, the Suleiman Mosque and the Ippokratus plateia adorned by its medieval fountain.
  • On the west side of the island, you will discover several very nice monasteries. Moni Filerimou, with its chapels surmounted by the cross of the Knights, nestles through the cypress and pine trees, 15 km from Rhodes. If you prefer ancient sites, head to Kameiros, here you will find a temple of the third century BC, bathhouses and a cistern dating from the sixth century BC.
  • To the east, the main place of interest is Lindos. This village, which was already inhabited in the third millennium BC, conceals a wonderful Acropolis.


The walled town of Rhodes contains wonderful finds. Inhabited for 2400 years, Rhodes witnessed much in ancient times: the passage of the Venetians, the Roman and Byzantine empires and evidence of all of them can be found in several museums on the island. The hospital of the Knights, the archaeological museum of the old town of Rhodes provides an overview of life in ancient times. Of note is the beautiful sculpture of Aphrodite of Rhodes.

The Museum of Decorative Arts shows traditional costumes and embroidery from the Dodecanese islands as well as tiles and dishes from Lindos. You can also see a replica of a traditional house of Rhodes. The Palace of the Grand Masters houses the medieval Rhodes and ancient Rhodes exhibitions. The first traces the daily life of Rhodes in medieval times. The second, entitled "Rhodes, 2400 Years" presents 45 years of archaeological excavations.

The Red Mosque, or Enderum mosque, houses the Byzantine Museum which contains a wonderful collection of frescoes and icons. To the east of the island of Rhodes, in the town of Lindos, a wax museum, called the Pantheon lies on the route that leads to the Acropolis of Lindos. It holds a collection of mythological characters like Perseus and Hercules.

Some natural wonders

Besides beaches for swimming, Rhodes has some magnificent natural sites. The Natural Park of the Seven Sources "EPTA Piyes" on the east coast of the island is a pleasant location because of its freshness and vegetation. You can take nice walks among the wooden bridges, small waterfalls and pools, including a 186 m long tunnel through which water flows ...
Butterfly Valley is a forest area of outstanding natural beauty, located 25 km from Rhodes, on the west coast, near the villages of Kremasti and Paradissi and not far from the archaeological site of Kamiros. It enjoys a cool and calming micro-climate.

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