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Flight schedule Deauville - Podgorica

  • On saturday on 9 may 2020
  • On saturday on 20 june 2020
  • On saturday on 26 sep 2020

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Destination information

Flight Time Deauville-Podgorica : 02h20

Capital : Podgorica

Language : Montenegrin

Currency : Euro

Time difference : No time difference

Things to see and do

Natural and cultural heritage

The mouths of Kotor is the largest southern fjord. Dotted with towns and villages full of charm, the Bay of Kotor give rise to many opportunities for visits and discoveries. KOTOR, its citadel, the ruins of Fort Teblja, the historical heart with its narrow streets, churches and mouths (fjord) with a trip on the famous island of Gospa od Škrpjela ... This is 'the' must see and Montenegro ideal day trip from Dubrovnik, especially as it is only 80km. Kotor can be a good starting point to travel the coast and discover the Bay of Kotor including the towns of Perast, Risan and small villages have great charm.

The town of Kotor itself occupies several hours or even a whole day, especially if you realize the hiking trip to the top of the fortress for a breathtaking view of the fjord. Any discovery of Kotor should be complemented by round mouths, so famous, which is made by a very small crowded in summer road ... From fishing village to village, let yourself be overwhelmed by the charm of the Adriatic coast and landscapes largest southern fjord in Europe ... It is a beautiful ride, even though out of season, you better take advantage of the premises.

The historic heart of the country is Lovcen, a mausoleum dedicated to the king founder of this small state: Petar II Petrović-Njegoš: it is located at 1700 meters high and offers incomparable life ... To reach the chapel, the tomb you less need to climb 461 steps or 80 meters ... Do not forget to explore the village of Lovcen, at the foot of the mausoleum, and Njegusi National Park where beautiful hikes are possible ...

Podgorica and central Montenegro
Destroyed during the Second World War, the capital Podgorica deserves a quick look.
Do not miss: the old Turkish town with its mosques. Better on the road from monasteries and small towns: Tuzi, including Virpazar Cetinje, with its museums and monasteries.
Regular bus connections are provided from Podgorica to the cities of the center. Departures near Ulica Sloboda.
Remembrance and Crafts
Local handicraft consists woven carpets whose composition, originality and harmony of colors make it a true work of art.
In Montenegro, carved wooden objects such as boxes or cups are very common. In general, stores are open Monday to Saturday from 7am to 12pm and from 16h to 20h.


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