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Flight schedule Deauville - Olbia

  • On friday from 3 july to 28 aug 2020
  • On friday from 16 april to 17 sep 2021

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Destination information

Flight Time Deauville-Olbia : 01h45


Capital: Rome

Language: Italian

Currency: Euro

Time difference: No time difference

Things to see and do

10 reasons to get to know the Sardinia: subtropical maritime climate with 260 days of sunshine per year - an easy destination to reach throughout the year. With 1,672,000 inhabitants, Sardinia is one of the least populated areas of Europe. Isolated areas as Piscinas, unknown villages like Santulussurgiu or Orroli relatively little visited by tourists.

A rare flora and fauna, with multi-old olive trees (near Sant Antonio di Gallura) and griffon vultures (falcons) (Bosa), flamingos (near Cagliari and Oristano) and small wild horses (Giara, Barumini Pauli Arabei, Lunamatroni, Villanovaforru).

Typical small islands (Isola San Pietro, Carloforte / Isola Sant'Antioco, Calasetta) and marine protected natural areas such as La Maddalena (Palau / Santa Teresa di Gallura) or near Villasiminus.

An award-winning water quality seafood, a landscape protection always progressing program, wild coastline accessible only on foot or by boat and finally a large number of beaches - beaches of Sardinia are among the most beautiful in Europe and are so diverse that the Sardinians call their island the "small continent."

Geological riches attract cavers from around the world to explore the many caves of different types - underground, including: Is Zuddas (near Teulada) Su Mannau (near Iglesias, Gonnessa, Buggerru), Su Marmuri (near Ulassai) and marine: Grotta di Nettuno (near Alghero), Grotta Bue Marino (near Cala Gonone).

It is unique and it is in Sardinia: the prehistoric tombs of giants ("dei Giganti fell"), for example, Her Ena'e Thomes near Dorgali / Cala Gonone or Coddu Vecchio near Arzachena. Sacred wells ("Pozzo Sacro") as Santa Cristina near Abbasanta, buildings and prehistoric fortresses shaped tower called Nuraghes, like Su Nuraxi Barumini (Heritage since 1997), menhirs near Goni / Orroli, for example, and "Domus de Janas" fairy houses, as Montessu near Villaperuccio / Iglesias.

The famous painted walls (Wall) to the frescoes in rural or political themes, Orgosolo near Gavoi Fonoi and in the museum village of San Sperate, near Cagliari.
Imposing industrial sites Sulcis former mining area, reason for which Sardinia was coveted since antiquity and all the invasions that followed. These sites today arrested are transformed gradually into museums in the industry. So those of Montevecchio near Guspini, Arbus, Costa verde, Gonnesa Iglesias.

Rich culture: Sardinia has its own language with several dialects, numerous and very typical traditional holidays such as race riders Sa Sartiglia in the streets of Oristano, the procession of Cabras, Is Arenas, carnival Mamuthones to Mamoiadas (Fonni) the Cavalcata Sarda in Sassari, Sant Efisio between Cagliari and Pula, or the traditional struggles Greco-Roman Istrumpa and play with the fingers (Morra).
Excluding the influence latinedeux European types of architecture influenced the architecture, language and cuisine - the Ligurian to (and Carloforte), the Catalan to (Alghero).

Sardinia is a true paradise for sportsmen: for lovers of trekking (Oliena, Santa Maria Navaresse), mountaineering (Ullasai), climbing (Cala Gonone), diving (Santa Teresa di Gallura or villasimius) and surfing (Chia / Palau) and golf (Is Arenas, Cabras, Oristano, Putzu Idu / Pula, Is Molas / Costa smeralda / San Teodoro) .A authentic Mediterranean cuisine with regional dishes including the bottarga (smoked mullet roe) the burrida (palta basic dogfish), the maialetto (small roast suckling pig), the zuppa gallurese, lasagna bread, seadas (dessert stuffed with cheese). All these dishes are accopagnent natural white and red local wines and excellent quality. Mention will be made of the cellar famous Sella & Mosca (Alghero) Argiolas (in Serdinia, near Cagliari) and those of the "Cantina Sociale" Jerzu (Cardeddu, Barisardo).

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