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Destination information

Flight Time Deauville-Guadeloupe : 08h30


Overseas Department (DOM)

Administration: France (Prefecture and sub-prefectures: Basse-Terre and Pointe à Pitre)

Language: French and Creole

Currency: Euro

Time difference: -5 hours in winter and -6 hours in summer

Things to see and do

Below you will find the list of islands offered by Costa Cruises for the "Pearl of the Antilles" cruise leaving from the Deauville-Normandy airport on 23/01/16!


The main island of the country Antigua and Barbuda, Antigua is distinguished by its dizzying array of beaches: 365 in total! You can swim in beautiful bays and coves with crystal clear, turquoise waters. Thus you can more easily identify the many sea urchins and other tropical fish that inhabit these waters.

Guadeloupe (Pointe à Pitre)

The name given to the city in 1654, is most likely that of a certain Peter, Dutch fisherman who arrived there with the first wave of migrants from Brazil. It is said that Peter had taken up residence at the end of a rocky point to sell his fish hence the name "Point Peter" which became Pointe-à-Pitre. A modern city is now growing up near the old colonial centre. Discover its Creole houses, bustling streets and markets. Soak up the atmosphere by walking around Victory Square lined with royal palms and discover the markets of la Darse or St. Antoine, full of colour and tropical scents. Go inside the Schoelcher Museum and St. John Perse Museum, a local poet, housed in a beautiful colonial house. The tour of the rum distillery will help you understand a tradition more than 300 years old.

Martinique (Fort de France)

Fort-de-France is a French town on the island of Martinique. The French overseas department of Martinique located in the Caribbean Sea is part of the archipelago of the Antilles.
Fort-de-France is the first city of the island and the fifth largest container port in France. The city is both Creole and French.
Foyalaise City is located on the Caribbean coast which has a virtually unbroken coral reef running the length of the coast.

Dominican Republic (Isla Catalina)

Isla Catalina is located just off La Romana. Surrounded by white sandy beaches, it is a paradise island and especially perfect for scuba diving. Immerse yourself in the warm turquoise waters and discover the impressive marine flora and fauna.

Dominican Republic (La Romana)

Built around its harbour full of beautiful yachts, the city of La Romana and its surroundings are the meeting point for the jet set on the island, at Casa de Campo. The complex is dominated by the Altas de Chavon site, a medieval village in the Italian style of the sixteenth century, but built entirely in the 1980s.
Originally built for workers in the sugar cane plantations, which are still to be found around the city, Catalina Island and its beaches of fine sand and coral are accessible from La Romana. You'll be spoiled for choice!


Saint-Martin is an unusual island. Indeed, it is the smallest region in the world to be shared by two nations: France and Holland. You can travel freely from one part to the other as there is no border or formalities to complete. A simple monument marks the border between the two territories: Saint-Martin and St. Maarten. The island today is a veritable haven promoting miscegenation: no less than 40 different nationalities live here in peace. Enjoying free port status, Marigot, the French capital, is a beautiful and tempting showcase of the most famous jewellers and greatest designers exhibiting their prestigious collections. With its beautiful beaches, luxury hotels, renowned restaurants, and innumerable daytime and night-time activities, Saint-Martin is the island where the most epicurean vacations are allowed. Its growing success is testimony to that.

Tortola (dove in Spanish) is an island of the British Virgin Islands. It was discovered by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage in 1493. The British Virgin Islands were abandoned by the Spaniards who preferred richer lands and thus became the ideal location for pirates in the past. The volcanic south of the island is more arid mountainous with Mount Sage rising to 521 m. Road Town, on the island, is the capital of the British Virgin Islands.

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