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Flight schedule Deauville - Krakow

  • On thursday on 10 may 2018

Weekend in Krakow, 4 days/3 nights, from May 10, to May 13, 2018 : from 589€ all taxes included, further information here


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Destination information

Flight Time Deauville-Krakow : 02h00

Capital : Warsaw

Language : Polish

Currency : Zloty

Time difference : no time difference

Things to see and do


Contrary to Warsaw, the city was spared by the battles of the last war, and was the Polish capital for about 500 years. It is full of history and culture. Its architecture must be seen : we can perceive the different styles that have imposed themselves over the centuries. The Old Town has an undeniable charm. The Market Square is bordered by historic buildings, museums and churches. The church of St. Adalbert was built in the tenth century. One of the most interesting Polish museums is located in this city : the Czartoryski Museum, which has a very nice collection of European art and Asian handicrafts.
It is easy to find one's way around Krakow : the Old Town concentrates most of the monuments and museums, hotels and restaurants within 500 m. By train, it takes 4 to 5 hours to go to Krakow from Warsaw.


The Tatras
The Tatra Mountains, the highest point of the Polish Carpathians,  at the extreme south of the country, is a very different region from the flat. It is the realm of cliffs, rocky peaks and glacier lakes. Winters are long and snowy, the summers are short and not warm enough to melt all the snow. The best time to discover this region is late spring or early fall. In the Tatras, it is essential to visit the Podhale region, where there are dozens of small traditional villages. The region is ideal for hiking, lunch on the grass and camping. To get there from Krakow, it is best to take the bus, Zakopane (the main winter sports resort in Poland) located 80 km in the south.
Apart from the peaks of affluence (summer and winter), the city offers a wide range of accommodation.


The big lakes Mazures
River hikers will be delighted in this region with a multitude of lakes, connected by a network of canals and rivers.
It is very easy to rent boats, kayaks and sailboats. Cruises are also organized by local companies from May to September. The two main cities of the region, Gizycko and Mikolajki, offer different types of accommodation and catering is easy to find. To get there, a fast bus joins Warsaw, 253 km away.



Oswiecim is a mid-sized industrial town in southern Poland, at 60 km west of Krakow. The city does not represent any major interest, but it is know by its German name : Auschwitz. Inside the camp, located at the periphery of the city in the countryside, the Nazis exterminated 4 million of people, including 2.5 million of Jews. Before deserting it, under the pressure of the Red Army, the Nazis destroyed a part of the camp, whose remains are visited nowadays.
To not forget the unspeakable...


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