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Flight schedule Deauville - Kos

  • On saturday from 15 may to 18 sep 2021

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Destination information

Flight Time Deauville-Kos : 03h20

Capital: Athens

Language: Greek

Currency: Euro

Time difference: +1 hour

Things to see and do

The island of Kos

General information: Kos is a green and fertile island, offering several options of things to do: you can either spend your holiday on a quiet beach, in a relaxed atmosphere or partying all night in the many bars and clubs . There is so much to see a week or two just do not suffice, and that's one of the reasons why visitors continue to flock to the island of Hippocrates.

Beautiful beaches, pretty villages, interesting views and intense nightlife: what more of a holiday! Kos is considered one of the islands with the most warm evenings, but it has much more to offer than that.

Since ancient times the island was very rich, with the exception of the submission period Turks and repeated hacker attacks. The fertile soil provides locals grapes for wine, wheat, fruits and olives as well as obsidian and rich in fish waters.

See: First, in the capital, Kos, you will see an interesting archaeological museum, the Kastro from the 13th century when the Knights of St. John held the power, the tree of Hippocrates where he taught and read his oath, and the Mosque of Gazi Hasan Pasha 1786.

There is also an archaeological excavation area, where the ruins of the Ancient Agora found. Houses, temples, baths and mosaics from different eras were also found here as well as the statue of Hippocrates. You can visit the Roman Villa, Casa Romana, which is a replica of an ancient Roman house open to visitors.

Asclepion is a must for those interested in ancient history. Here is the great temple of the god of medicine, dating back to the 4th century BC, but could be even older than that.

Kos has many small villages that are worth visiting, and it's a good idea to rent a vehicle to discover them for yourself. Pylio Palio is an abandoned village of medieval times, where you can see many interesting little churches and Kastro. A Asfendiou there has ancient churches and the Kastro of the Knights of St. John. Kefalos was the capital of the island in antiquity, and was then called Astypalea. Excavations are currently running. A Kardamena you will see a Byzantine church dedicated to Agios Theodotas, and Antimachia there is a Venetian castle. Zia is built like an amphitheater with many little churches and shops.

You will see the best sunsets on the southern peninsula Moni Agiou Theologou.

To do: Several water sports are available on the various beaches. Bubble Beach has natural springs that supposedly healing power. Several excursions are to do, and in addition to visiting various beaches, you can also make day trips to Rhodes, Nissyros and Pserimos and Turkey.

Beaches: The most popular beach on Kos is Paradise beach, a long sandy beach. You will take sunbathing, water sports and will practice will spend good time with family. Other popular beaches are Takagi, Mastihari, Lambi and also the beaches in Kardamena and Kefalos, which most surfers prefer. If you want to find a quiet beach, it is best to look on the west side of the island.

Nightlife: You will not be disappointed if you really want to party during your vacation. Kos is reputed to be one of the islands where the best parties, with many bars and clubs, as well as "beach parties". Most bars are in the city of Kos, and the two busiest streets of Kos are Nafklirou and Diakonou, right next to the archaeological site

Food: The local specialty is a cheese baked in the oven with red wine called "Kokkino tiri". There is a wide range of taverns and restaurants, and you can eat as Greek cuisine as international cuisine. Most places are in Kos town, but you will also find many small inns in the villages, as well as several beaches.

Shopping: Because Kos is an island so popular, you can find all kinds of shops in Kos, particularly in the city. Jewelery, ceramics, leather belts, sandals, clothing, textiles, embroideries, copies of ancient artworks, paintings, icons, local wine, honey, beach items and many other things tempt you. The public market is a great place to visit, just before the entrance to the archaeological site. Around the square, there are several public buildings with beautiful architecture and many nice cafés.

Move: There are good bus connections between most villages and beaches, as well as taxis, cars and bicycles for rent, but also boats in many beaches. You can also make the tourist tour of the city of Kos with the small train that stops on the port: the stop is opposite the taxi rank. There are also trips to Turkey, Pserimos and other islands.

Getting there: Kos has its own airport and you may be able to get a direct flight. The island is also connected to the rest of the Dodecanese with ferries and catamarans, as well as Mykonos, Paros, Lesvos, Samos, Chios, Tinos and Piraeus as well as Alexandroupolis. Every summer there are many charter flights to Kos and many tourists use these flights to travel by boat to the nearby islands of Kalymnos and Leros. There are also small ferries every day from Mastihari to Kalymnos.

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