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Flight schedule Deauville - Heraklion

  • On saturday on 11 april 2020
  • On saturday on 24 oct 2020
  • On monday from 26 april to 11 oct 2021

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Destination information


Capital: Athens

Language: Greek

Currency: Euro

Time difference: +1 hour

Things to see and do

Crete is above all "The Island of the Gods" in Greek mythology where Minos was born. Today the remains of its glorious past are to be found everywhere on the island.

Beaches and history

With all year sunshine, golden beaches and clear waters, Crete is a marvel to behold. Its mountain ranges and beautiful gorges make it a paradise for hikers.

This southern island is steeped in history. Among other monuments, you will discover the sublime Palace of Knossos and the sanctuary of Phaestus. Irakleio is a renowned museum where all the ancient remains of the island are to be found.

Finally, did you know that life expectancy is highest in Crete? The famous Mediterranean diet, based on olive oil and fish, probably has something to do with it!


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