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Flight schedule Deauville - Dubrovnik

  • On saturday on 5 may 2018
  • On saturday on 12 may 2018
  • On saturday on 26 may 2018
  • On saturday on 16 june 2018
  • On saturday on 6 oct 2018

For any further information or to book on May 5, 12 and 26, please contact AMERASIA at 02 31 46 99 99

For any further information or to book on June 16 and October 6, please contact the tour operator TOP OF TRAVEL or your travel agency.


Destination information

Flight Time Deauville-Dubrovnik : 02h15


Capital: Zagreb

Language: Croatian (Southern Slavic language)

Currency: Kuna 1 Euro = 7.35240 Kuna

Time difference: No time difference

Things to see and do

Croatia is truly an "on trend" destination. The attraction it exerts on tourists from around the world can be explained by its exceptional climate and beautiful coastline. But beyond the postcard cliché, Croatia is a fascinating country in many ways.

Croatian people and landscapes

We must admit that first and foremost Croatia means incredible scenery. Although the Dalmatian coast and islands leave a lasting impression, Croatian landscapes are far more than this. There are also beautiful mountains, majestic forests and green fields. Well aware of this major asset, Croatia has established eight national parks. The one that includes the Plitvice Lakes, near Zadar, is certainly the most amazing and most beautiful.

Croats have their own identity. They differ from their Balkan neighbours in their approach to life, which is decidedly Western. Their culture, tinged with Mediterranean exuberance and the warmth of Central Europe is really exciting. When you travel in Croatia, you will discover a welcoming and festive people. Cities such as Pula and Dubrovnik will seduce you with their rich history. Croatian museums ensure that these precious archaeological remains are preserved.

City of Arts

These historical wonders are complemented by an artistic tradition deeply rooted in the heart of the Croats. During the Renaissance, the country counted one of the greatest religious art schools. Later, Croatia was the birthplace of Ivan Mestrovic (1883-1962), a famous sculptor of the twentieth century. Today, the life of the country, especially in Zagreb, is marked by cultural events of international renown. Tributes to animation, jazz and folklore are a few examples of the great artistic development of Croatia.

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