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Flight schedule Deauville - Djerba

  • On wednesday from 3 june to 16 sep 2020

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Destination information

Flight Time Deauville-Djerba : 02h40


Capital: Tunis

Language: Arabic (French is also often spoken)

Currency: Tunisian Dinar (1 euro = 2.26 TND)

Time difference: -1 hour

Things to see and do

After Spain, Tunisia is one of the popular destinations with French travellers who want to go on holiday abroad at a very reasonable price.
Whether you're going on an adventure with your backpack or have booked a stay at a resort hotel in Djerba or Hammamet, you can discover the magnificent historical sites, cities and landscapes in this country.
Here are 7 exceptional attractions to visit in Tunisia


This is a very interesting archaeological site where you can visit the Antonine Baths, the theatre and amphitheatre. Visitors interested in sculptures and mosaics can extend their cultural knowledge by visiting the National Museum.


The capital of Tunisia, Tunis, is worth visiting for its beautiful architecture. The medina is one of the major tourist attractions of Tunis where you can visit the souq, stalls and small restaurants. Bourguiba Avenue is the main alley. You should also visit the Al-Zaytuna Mosque and the Bardo Museum (which has a beautiful collection of Roman mosaics).


The oasis of Tozeur is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Africa. Thousands of palm trees are located in the area. The Eden Palm is a museum located in Tozeur's palm grove where you can learn valuable information about the date palm.

Sidi Bou Said

The artisans' village, Sidi Bou Said, reflects traditional Tunisian architecture. Blue and white are the predominant colours in this village. The Café aux Nattes will be very popular with fans of mint tea.


This is the fourth holy city and the capital of Islam in North Africa. Kairouan has a large mosque that was built in the 7th century: Sidi Uqba. The mausoleum of the Holy Man, Abu Zemaa el Balawi, the pool of the Aghladites and the medina are also interesting places to visit during a stay in Kairouan.


This mountain village is home to cave dwellings. The Sidi Driss hotel and the lunar landscape of Matmata served as a landscape for the film "Star Wars."

The desert

You can visit the Sahara at the Great Eastern Erg, near the border with Algeria. This is an idyllic place for those who love walking and camel rides and wish to venture into the dunes of the Sahara.
Tunisia has many other interesting sites, such as the amphitheatre of El Jem, the site of Dougga, the Ribat and the Medina of Sousse and Jebel Ressas.
Tunisia is a fascinating destination where you can combine sightseeing, relaxing on sandy beaches and recreational activities of all kinds (camel riding, quad biking, diving, etc.).

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