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Flight schedule Deauville - Corfu

  • On tuesday from 4 may to 21 sep 2021

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Destination information

Flight Time Deauville-Corfu : 02h40

Capital: Athens

Language: Greek

Currency: Euro

Time difference: +1 hour

Things to see and do

Corfu is one of the largest Greek islands and the largest of all Ionian islands. So there is plenty to do and lots to see ...

10 things to do in Corfu:

1. You lost in the maze of the Old Town of Corfu
Charm at first sight through the old town with its small commercial streets, its fortress with a view of the sea breathtaking and not far from there a "reproduction" rue de Rivoli street!

2. Go through the north of the island:
This part is surely the most beautiful island ... If you head Paleokastitsa, next plunges abruptly, and then you will discover magnificent creeks. Then follow small winding paths to go down to the sea. You will find the most beautiful beaches on the island. And up, do not miss the monastery Moni Theotokou overlooking the creeks. If you have time to enjoy a boat trip to discover the coast by the sea, it's worth it!

3. Walking on the sea wall at the southern tip of the airport:
Take a walk on the seawall at the southern tip of the airport and wait for a plane to land: the view is really nice.

4. Relax on the beach Palakos:
Take time to relax on the beach Palakos, one of the quietest of the island and also one of the cleanest!

5. Visit the palace of Empress Sissi
This is surely LA visit not to be missed on the island. Discover the palace of Empress Sissi, and walk through the palace gardens leading down to the sea, discovering the ruins of the old pier.

6. Visit the Palace Achillon
Dedicated to heroes of the Trojan War, Achilles and built at the request of Sissi, it became the residence of Kaiser Wilhelm at the beginning of the century and was converted into a museum

7. Discover kumquats distillery on the island
Discover the favorite fruit of the inhabitants and gourmet peculiarity of the island by visiting the distillery ... Santorini has its wine, its Corfu kumquats!

8. Visit the Byzantine fort Angelokastro near the village of Lokones on the West Coast. It is hung on a rock over 160m high and connected to the mainland by a narrow passage at breathtaking.

9. Enjoy Greek cuisine in a local tavern, preferably farthest larger more touristy cities.

10. Admire the views from the villages of Stinylas and Palakas.

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