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Flight schedule Deauville - Figari

  • On saturday from 19 may to 22 sep 2018

For any further information or booking, please contact the tour operator :

CORSICATOURS (all saturdays from 05.21 to 09.24.2016)


Destination information

Flight Time Deauville-Figari : 01h20

Capital : Paris

Language : French

Currency : Euro

Time difference : No time difference

Things to see and do

The tourist wealth of Corsica are based primarily on its natural heritage.

Wild corners

North of Bastia, Cap Corse, these small creeks overcome steep coast, is impressive novices.Le the Gulf of Porto offers a surprising variety of landscapes more attractive and intriguing than each other. Evidenced the Scandola reserve - a UNESCO world heritage - and the Creeks of Piana.

Likewise its natural park, which stretches from Calvi to Porto-Vecchio, contains many natural sites have to see during a stay in Corsica. The gorges of the Spelunca, forest Aïtone Bavela or the needles are the main. Lavezzi Islands, off Bonifacio, or the bloodthirsty islands facing the Gulf of Ajaccio, are yet another facet of Corse.Car ultimately every nook and corner of Corsica is surprising. Coming out of the box, you will eventually find a small creek, a mountain village charm daunting or restaurant picturesque.

The authentic charm

We can say that Corsica has managed to preserve a certain authenticity. In fact the island is characterized by its tiny villages clinging to the mountain, its local products and traditional polyphonic songs. Furthermore, given the proximity of the coast and the mountains, one can easily switch from one to another. Also, to practice sports in Corsica are very diverse. Relaxation, water sports, hiking are the main course. The cultural discoveries are a final opportunity in Corsica. Some, admittedly rare, museums and monuments are given to see, mainly in Ajaccio.

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