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Deauville Normandy Airport Management

CCI Pays d’Auge

Deauville Normandy airport is managed by the CCI Pays d’Auge.
The CCI contributes to the development success of the Pays d’Auge district by managing facilities such as the Deauville – Normandy Airport and business parks.
It also promotes the economic development of Pays d’Auge through trade, industry and tourism services.
It is involved in promoting businesses by providing effective support, advice, help with modernisation and exports, etc.
The CCI explores and supports business location projects in Pays d’Auge and develops training, through education and vocational training bodies adapted to the needs of businesses.


Airport staff

  • The airport staff comprises 37 people :
  • Operating service « passage and traffic » : 10
  • Operating service « runway » : 6
  • SSLIA service : 14
  • Support service : 2
  • Restaurant service : 3

A team of :

  • 1 passage manager and 3 transit agents
  • 1 traffic manager, 3 traffics agents
  • 1 runway manager, 4 track agents and 1 supplier
  • 1 SSLIA manager – 3 manœuvre chiefs – 10 firefeighters
  • 1 SGS manager, 1 exploitation chief and 1 exploitation director who is present at the airport
    + seasonal workers between from april to october for the traffic service, passage and runway.
  • 1 communication officer and 1 human resources officer

State services in the airport

  • Air Navigation Services, in charge of air traffic control.
  • Directorate General of Customs and Excise represented by an external surveillance brigade (ESB).
  • Air transport police brigade, responsible for supervising the implementation of airport safety measures and security installation measures in restricted areas. This unit also has jurisdiction over the departments of Calvados and Orne.
  • ARFF (Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting service) providing daily level 5 to 7 security according to requirements. Its fourteen fire-fighters are employees of the Pays d’Auge CCI which runs the airport.


Statistics for Deauville Normandy Airport

Number of passengers from 2008 to 2019




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