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Delegating authority for Deauville Normandy Airport, an airport constructed by the Municipality of Deauville

In 1931, the Municipality of Deauville constructed Deauville –Saint-Gatien Airport on a site it owned in the commune of Saint-Gatien-des-Bois.

On 14 November 1986, the Municipality of Deauville concluded an agreement with the State establishing the conditions for developing, maintaining and operating the aerodrome, in accordance with Article L 122-1 of the Civil Aviation Code.
On 8 June 1990, the Municipality of Deauville entrusted the operation of the aerodrome to the Pays d’Auge Chamber of Commerce and Industry under a management subcontract, in accordance with Article R 221- 5 of the Civil Aviation Code.

A common desire to coordinate airport development in Normandy

« In order to avoid a scattering of investments detrimental to achieving an installation of national importance and a minimum threshold of profitability »Â (Public report of the Court of Auditors, French airports facing changes in airline traffic, 9 July 2008), the Normandy Regions wished to coordinate airport development on their territory and optimise their financial support in this field.

Deauville Airport, a strategic choice

A study launched in 2005 concluded that the airport of Deauville – Saint-Gatien was the option that offered the best chance of success in developing new services from Normandy because of its geographical location, strong potential for fostering economic and tourism development of the Normandy area and the prior existence of developed airport infrastructures.

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