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Office of the Deauville Normandy Airport Joint Association

The Office of the Deauville Normandy Airport Joint Association, elected by the Joint Association Committee, is composed of three members:

  • President
  • two Vice-Presidents.

It also includes a representative of each community member of the Joint Association..

Nicolas MAYER-ROSSIGNOL, President,
Philippe AUGIER, 1st Vice-president,
Laurent BEAUVAIS, 2nd Vice-president

Roles of the Office

The Office has a coordinating role. As such, the Office may be asked to rule on the admissibility of files including advice on matters requiring a decision of the Joint Association Committee. Under Article L 5211-10 of the General Code of Local Authorities, it may be charged with the resolution of certain matters and is delegated by the Joint Association Committee for this purpose. Decisions taken by the Office while exercising delegation are reported to the Joint Association Committee. Decisions of the Office are adopted unanimously.
Decisions by delegation of the Joint Association Committee are delivered to the collection of administrative acts available to the public at the headquarters of the Joint Association.

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